Community Dining

Students eating together

Promoting community on campus

The Community Dining Plan is intended for residents of Knollcrest East and off-campus students. Our hope is to enrich and extend the sense of community here at Calvin by offering affordable and flexible dining options for upperclass students.

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You may only pick one block plan per semester. Be sure to choose a plan with enough meals. If need be, meals may be added in increments of 10 for $75. To do so, please contact the Food Service office in the Commons building at (616) 526-6384.

30 block

  • 30 meals over the course of the semester
    (average of 2 meals per week)
  • No bonus bucks
  • $210 per semester


Please note:

A few things to note about the community dining plan (applies to all plan options:

  • All prices are for 2016–17 school year; prices subject to change in following years
  • You many only pick one block plan per semester, so be sure to choose a plan with enough meals!
  • In the event that you run out of meals, you may add more in increments of 10 for $75. To do so, please stop by the Main Dining Services Office, located in the Commons building, across from the Commons Dining Hall main entrance.
  • Meal plan may be used in ALL traditional dining halls (Commons, Knollcrest and Uppercrust)
  • May be used for any meal period on any day of the week
  • Meals can be shared with other students only if they dine with you (Multiple meal deductions are allowed on the Community Dining Plan).
  • Unused meals do not roll over to the following semester (though Fall meals will roll over into Interim)
  • Fall community dining plans will end on January 29, 2017.
  • Spring community dining plans will begin on February 1, however, you must specifically order a spring meal plan even if you had a fall plan. Because many upperclassmen travel for spring semester, we will not assume that you want a meal plan second semester unless you request one.