Dear faculty and staff,

The spring semester begins today. Welcome back to all! Please read on for information on our continuing COVID-19 efforts. The information below may be familiar to you, but we ask that you read it to refresh your memory on the steps you can take to promote healthy living and learning at Calvin in the semester ahead.  


  • "News and Stories”Looks at Return to Learn 
  • Additional Screening Times Added


story this week on Calvin’s “News & Stories” website takes a look at screening testing ahead of the start of the spring semester and includes a link to a really powerful video on Calvin’s collective efforts last fall to not just slow the spread but to grow and thrive in a time of COVID. It’s a nice way to catch up with where we have been and where we are headed and to draw a little inspiration as a new semester begins. 


Breaking news: we have added additional screening times for late arrivals to campus. This week, on Thursday and Friday, we have added clinics from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at the Track & Tennis Center. If you have not already been screened for your return to campus for the spring semester, please sign up as soon as possible at 


As we kick off this new semester, it remains vitally important for all of us to use the  #CampusClear app app on a daily basis (including weekends), whether you’re working from home or working on campus. Early reporting of symptoms is a crucial step in our ability to care for and keep one another safe, particularly as there is now evidence of the B117 variant spreading within the state of Michigan.  Early symptom detection and reporting, along with early isolation from friends and roommates, remain the best actions each of us can take to help contain the spread of COVID-19.  


Many within our campus community are eager to register for and receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those wishing to register should visit, where you can click on a big green button that says: "Learn how to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination." Or you can go directly to this page: you will find instructions for how to register for the COVID-19 vaccine through Spectrum Health’s MyChart. Note that you do NOT need to be a Spectrum Health patient to use this service. Those who are unable to use the online tools to complete registration can call 833-755-0696, keeping in mind that call volumes are extremely high and registering online is the fastest, easiest, and preferred method. 

Anyone at Calvin who fits into one of the phases currently eligible for vaccination has received a letter from the university confirming eligibility. All others should review this site to determine where they fit in the eligibility phasing and should register via the Spectrum website as soon as possible.  


The COVID-Response Team
Kristen Alford
Jennifer Ambrose
Laura Champion
Phil de Haan
Todd Dornbos
Jim English
Todd Hubers (co-chair)
Brian Paige
Jane Prins
Sarah Visser (co-chair)
John Witte
Cindy Wolffis