Dear on-campus residents,

As many students begin to finalize plans for the holiday season, we want to be clear about University’s expectations for on-campus housing surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks. Please read below to plan adequately for your well-deserved breaks coming up!

Health & Safety Self-Checks:

Each fall the Residence Life Department conducts "Health and Safety Inspections" for each of the rooms/apartments on campus.  This is typically done by an RA in person, but due to COVID-19 we are asking residents to do their own self-check at this time.  You do not need to complete the standard form, but you do have to inventory your own room/apartment over the next two weeks to make sure you are in compliance with these items.  At the conclusion of fall semester, the Residence Life Staff will enter each room/apartment to ensure compliance.

Items to check in your room or apartment:

  • Room is clean and in good condition.  
  • Extension cords are in good condition and do not run across any doorway or walking area, and are not placed under any rug  (note: if they pass across the bathroom door they must run under a cord protector). 
  • Furniture is stacked properly and safely.
  • Window screens are intact and show no damage, and window area is free from obstructions and decorations.  Small items on window ledge, such as books, plants, and photo frames, etc. must be free-standing.  No speakers in window areas.
  • No outstanding/unresolved maintenance issues.
  • Refrigerator working properly (KE only).
  • Fire extinguisher is in the kitchen area (KE only).

If any of these items are not true for your room/apartment, please take action to correct the situation or submit a work request here.  Contact your RA with any questions or concerns that you can’t resolve.  If you have questions about Health and Safety Inspections as a whole contact

Thanksgiving Break Travel and Housing Policies:

If you are traveling out of the Grand Rapids areas for Thanksgiving break, or if you are a local student planning to spend time home with friends and family, we ask that you not return to campus after Thanksgiving, but rather finish your semester remotely (as all classes will be exclusively on-line after Thanksgiving).  This will allow our community to remain as safe as possible, avoiding the potential introduction of the coronavirus from other areas.  For those staying on-campus, all COVID policies (CampusClear App, mask and distancing protocols, etc.) will remain in place and you are asked to not travel out of the area while you remain in on-campus housing.

  • If you cannot go home and need to stay on-campus during Thanksgiving break and through the end of the Fall semester, please fill out the Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form by Friday, November 20.  You will be asked to explain your rationale for requesting on-campus housing.  If your request is approved, you will be permitted to remain in your current room or apartment without needing to move, and meal plans will still be available through dinner on December 16.  Halls will close at 10am on Thursday, December 17. Please note, there will be no additional fees for housing for students who are granted permission to stay on campus up until the first day of Christmas break, December 17.  
  • If you plan to leave campus for part of Thanksgiving break but need to return to campus housing to finish the semester on-campus, you can request an exception using the Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form.  You may be asked to self-quarantine for 72 hours or longer after your return, depending on your travels.  Exceptions will be granted and communicated individually from the Housing Office.
  • You should plan to leave your residence hall by Wednesday November 25th at 5pm for the final two weeks of online learning, but you can request additional time by using the Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form.

Departing campus housing:

Before your departure (either prior to Thanksgiving or at the end of the semester), you should complete a brief self-check-out process.  Instructions for your self-check-out will be provided separately, but will involve removing all trash from your room, opening your curtains, unplugging all electrical items (including refrigerators), turning off lights, and locking your door.  Please be sure to pack all the items you may need for the weeks you will be gone between semesters.  All rooms will be inspected for compliance and other safety-related items during the month of December, so please follow the guidelines.  

Christmas Break Housing

As in years past, Christmas break housing is available to any student who is unable to travel home, and who will not be travelling out of the area, from December 17 to January 5.  For COVID safety, this year we will NOT be moving residence hall students who need Christmas break housing to the KE apartments—students in the residence halls will be allowed to stay in their rooms over the break.

Christmas break housing for residence hall students will be $250.  If you only need to stay for a few days after the semester ends, the rate will be $15/night.  Please note, you cannot return to campus early or leave halfway through and come back early. The earliest arrival time after Christmas break is Tuesday, January 5th at 10am if you are taking an in-person Interim class or Sunday, January 31st at 10am if you are NOT taking an in-person Interim class.

Although standard meal plans will not be active over the break, there may be a Christmas break meal plan option available for an additional cost based on the number of students interested. Please use the form to indicate your interest in a potential Christmas meal plan.

Sign up for Christmas break housing and meal plans by November 20th: Thanksgiving-December Housing Request Form

Returning to campus housing for Interim or Spring semesters:

If you are taking an in-person Interim class, you can return to campus Tuesday, January 5, after 10am.  If you are NOT taking an in-person Interim class, we ask that you continue to stay home until the Spring semester begins, meaning you can return to campus on Sunday, January 31, after 10 a.m. for the remainder of the school year.  Request to return on a different date through the Interim / Spring 2021 Early Arrival form.

Please be aware of the date you are eligible to return as you make your travel plans.  COVID screening will again be required (more information will be provided in the months to come) and a negative COVID screening test will be required to start classes.

Any questions on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Interim and Spring housing can be directed to the Housing Office through the contact information below. We’ll be happy to follow up!

Grace and peace,

Calvin University Housing

Residence Life