Subject: Res Life Updates & Affirmations
Date: September 24, 2020

Dear on-campus residents,

Thank you for all you have been doing to protect the health and safety of our Calvin community—from masks and distancing, to cleaning and using the CampusClear app.  Keep it up!

We’ve learned a lot over the last 4 weeks, as we’ve dealt with several COVID cases and a number of students in quarantine due to close contact.  One important observation is that the spread of illness we’ve seen has been person-to-person, in social situations, when there is close contact with others.  By wearing a mask and staying 6 feet from others, you EFFECTIVELY limit the spread of Covid-19, allowing in-person class to continue, and protecting others in your community.

Since we opened, our living communities have had tight rules about visiting other people indoors.  But we are eager to create more opportunities for you to enjoy the communities you’re in, and so in that spirit, we’re pleased to announce the following enhancements to our Residence Life visiting policies:

Residence Halls—Phase 1 of “Enhanced Visiting Privileges,” to begin Friday Sept 25 at 5pm:

Visitors to Residence Hall Rooms:

  • You may now host up two 2 visitors at a time in your private room  
  • Visitors must currently live on your floor
  • No more than 4 people may occupy your room at one time
  • Non-roommates must maintain 6 feet of social distancing
  • When guests are present:
    • Everyone must wear a mask & eating is not allowed
    • Doors must remain fully open
    • Windows must remain open (enough to allow ventilation)
  • Guests must use their own bathroom (no guest use of your bathroom)

Visitors from other buildings:

Visitors from other buildings are allowed in lobbies and now also in basement areas of any residence hall. Masks must continue to be worn at all times, proper distancing must be practiced, and room occupancies should be followed.

NOTE:  These modest initial enhancements could be temporarily revoked on a specific floor if there is a spike of COVID activity in that floor community or if residents are not complying with the above guidelines.

 KE Apartments—Phase 1 of Enhanced Visiting Privileges, to begin Friday Sept 25 at 5pm:

Visitors to individual apartments:

  • You may now host visitors who live in your same KE building
  • No more than 6 people may occupy an apartment (living room and kitchen combined) at one time.
  • No visitors allowed in bedrooms
  • When guests are present
    • Everyone must wear a mask, and eating is not allowed
    • Windows must be open to promote ventilation
  • These enhancements could be temporarily revoked due to COVID activity or non-compliance.

Phase 2—looking forward:

In communities that have widespread compliance (99%) with these and other existing COVID policies, we hope to expand visiting to include visiting people from other floors and eventually other dorms/apartments as well.  Depending on compliance levels and COVID cases within our community, this next phases of expanded visiting policies will be considered in mid-October.

Again, thank you for adapting with us on these policies!  We face the same challenges that colleges and universities across the country are facing as we strive to open up carefully.  We’re thrilled with the way you have responded and adapted so far, and we are praying that the coming weeks and months will allow for continued progress.

Becki Simpson

Director of Residence Life

Calvin University