Subject: Some important weekend reminders
Date: September 11, 2020

Dear Students,

It’s the weekend, which brings a well-deserved break from your daily class schedule.  Please remember, however, that there is no break in COVID-related precautions.  The coronavirus doesn’t take weekends off!  And when it comes to practicing safe and healthy community living, you should not take the weekend off.  To that end, here are some important reminders:

  • Our rules about wearing masks inside and maintaining appropriate distance from other people isn’t just “good advice”—in public spaces, its required by the state of Michigan. And for Calvin students, it makes sense anywhere. This includes when you are gathering with a small group of friends who are not roommates or suite-mates, whether inside or outside. And, as always, you should avoid large gatherings.
  • We’ve been impressed with the fact that the vast majority of Calvin students are following safety protocols regarding mask-wearing, social distancing, and avoiding group gatherings. Even in the midst of this, we continue to see just how infectious and highly-transmissible COVID-19 is. We have seen the virus spread within our student body, from students who had close contact with other students. This is not a hypothetical situation. Please avoid putting yourself or others at risk.
  • We would like to remind ALL students that travelling out of the area brings some risks and should only be done out of necessity and with proper safety measures (mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.). Whenever possible, stay close to home/campus.
  • One of the best strategies we have to track the potential spread of COVID-19 is early detection and self-monitoring. The #CampusClear app is the best way to report symptoms or exposure to a confirmed positive case.  Make it a practice to check-in with the #CampusClear app every day (including weekends or days when you are not planning to come to campus) and encourage your friends and roommates to do the same. When we all practice this daily discipline, we greatly increase our ability to remain a healthy and safe campus.
  • Just because people test positive and go into quarantine doesn't mean that they did anything wrong. Stigma can be associated with a lack of knowledge about how COVID-19 spreads, a need to blame someone, and/or gossip that spreads rumors and myths. Let's love our neighbors well by avoiding stigmatizing behaviors.
  • We owe it to each other to do everything we can to manage the risk and preserve the health of our community. If you see behaviors that concern you, say something. When you become aware of other students living on or off-campus who are not complying with the University and/or local public health guidelines and expectations, you can report concerns here.

So, there you have it—6 simple actions. We know these things work; please don’t take the weekend off.

In this together,

Sarah Visser
Vice President for Student Life