Subject: Safe Return Update
Date: August 17, 2020

Dear students, 

This is the weekly update from the Safe Return Team. We have a lot to cover, but we will do so briefly. We encourage you to gain fuller context to all of these items by referencing the Safe Return to Campus Playbook. We launched this on Saturday on our Safe Return site, and we updated it this morning (to fix some issues with links that weren’t working). 

Masks & Distance 
In public settings with those outside of your family pod (e.g. roommate, suitemate, apartment or housemate), masks AND social distancing (staying six feet from another person) are the rule of the day. You will not need to wear a mask when you are hanging out with your pod in a private setting (residence hall or apartment). But, you will need to wear a mask when you are around anyone outside your pod, when you are in an indoor public space, or when you are unable to keep good distance in congested outdoor space. 
Schedule your screening 
Don’t forget to 
register for your COVID-19 screening during the week of August 24 (if you haven’t arrived on campus already and been tested).  If you’re living on campus and can do the screening before your move-in day, that’s a great option.  For more on screening, check out the FAQ. 

Previous positive screening? 
If you have documentation and lab results of a positive COVID-19 test from the month of July or August, please bring a paper copy of that lab result with you to your screening test. COVID-19 tests may remain positive for several weeks after someone is no longer contagious, so having your previous test will help us, so that we don’t unnecessarily put you in isolation. 
Make A Commitment 
It will take each of us working together to ensure a healthy and successful fall semester. Please 
watch the training videos and sign the Love Your Neighbor Covenant prior to arriving. 

Download App 
Download the #CampusClear App this week, and start using it! This will be part of your daily routine on campus. (A thermometer is required too, so make sure to pick one up.) 

ID Card = Access 
Your student ID will be the only way for you to access indoor spaces on campus. We’ll provide you a lanyard and a card holder when you arrive, making it more convenient for you to access your ID and easier to identify you as a member of the Calvin community. 

No Open House Hours 
To begin the semester, we will have restrictions on indoor visitors in apartments and dorms—internal or external. In short, you will not have card access to any residential spaces except your own.  This won’t be permanent—see “Positioned to Succeed” below! 

Residential dining will continue by observing physical distancing guidelines, decreasing capacity in locations, reorganizing serving stations, and removing self-service items. Students are encouraged to download the Creative Dining Services Eatable App, which includes menus for the dining halls and serves as a “fast pass” for check-in.  Peet’s Coffee and Johnny’s Café will be available for takeout orders. Students are encouraged to eat in their private rooms more regularly, particularly when the limited outdoor tent seating options are full.

The traditional Opening Convocation ceremony will be experienced virtually this year. The ceremony will be available 
via livestream at 2 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 28, with orientation groups gathering in classrooms around campus to watch the event.  All students, no matter where you are, are encouraged to attend. 
Positioned to succeed 
We hope that our individual and collective efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 will put us in a position to consider easing restrictions as we move further into the semester. Of course, any changes we make would need to align with advice from the local health department and guidelines from the State of Michigan. 

Please make sure to review the Safe Return to Campus Playbook for more details related to each of the above items and many, many more. The Table of Contents at the beginning of the Playbook should help you navigate this document so that you can get the information you need as you prepare for fall 2020. If you still have questions after referencing that document, email 


The Safe Return Team 

Sarah Visser (co-chair)  
Todd Hubers (co-chair)  
Kristen Alford  
Russell Bray  
Laura Champion  
Todd Dornbos   
Tim Ellens  
Jim English  
Juli Haga  
Arlene Hoogewerf  
Matt Kucinski  
John Witte