Subject: Ready for a Safe Return
Date: August 15, 2020

Dear faculty and staff,

This coming Monday, many of you will be returning to campus.  To make it clear that you have completed all steps necessary to return safely to campus, you will receive Workday notification (this won’t happen until Tuesday but come anyway).

Receiving this Workday notification means that you have:

  • Completed the COVID Awareness Training and Covenant
  • Received a negative test result from your COVID screening
  • Been participating in the daily self-monitoring program 
  • Been authorized to return to campus (Workday notification)

As was mentioned last week, the form is being replaced by a new phone app called #CampusClear. To promote health and safety on our campus, all members of the Calvin community are required to use the #CampusClear app to do a daily self-screening. #CampusClear is free, easy to use, and respectful of your privacy.

To make reporting your daily health a 10-second activity, learn more about the #CampusClear app and where to download it here. If you don’t have a smartphone, you will be able to report your health online via your computer. 

If you will be continuing to work remotely you still need to complete these steps:  

  1. Complete this COVID Awareness Training and Covenant form by August 17. 
  2. Submit your daily health checkup via the Campus Clear app starting August 17.
  3. Submit this Return To Work form for one-time access if you need to come to campus for a special reason. 

At any point, when you are approved to join the on-campus cohort or if you know you will need to come to campus periodically, you will need to: 

  1. Register for and complete COVID screening at least 7 (but no more than 14) days prior to your return to campus. Check with Health Services for screening dates.

Remaining screening dates for those who will be returning to campus by September 15 include:

  • Monday, August 17 
  • Wednesday, August 19 
  • Thursday, August 20 
  • Friday, August 21 

Screening begins at 9 a.m. at the Hoogenboom Health & Recreation Center, Entrance D (between the Hoogenboom Center and the Tennis and Track facility). Park in Lot 6. Please sign up for the first available time slot.  

Download the playbook for concise guidance on how to ensure a safe return to campus. This playbook lays out the practices and protocols that will guide our individual and collective actions in the many facets of campus life. We know that each of us must take responsibility for loving our neighbor and maintaining the health of our community.

Make sure you have your campus I.D. card with you at all times as entrance to campus facilities will be more restricted than in years past. Students will be required to wear a lanyard with their campus I.D. card to visually signify that they have been made aware of Calvin’s policies and are following health and safety protocols. Stay tuned for details regarding distribution of faculty/staff lanyards.

Visitors and guests will be limited on campus this fall. While there will be a pathway for departments to sponsor guests and visitors when necessary, each approved event will need to go through a hazard assessment process and adhere to campus health and safety protocols. For more details, please review the visitor and guest policy.

Please plan to conduct your meetings virtually. At least for the first three weeks of the school year, we are discouraging in-person staff or departmental meetings. After these three weeks, we will assess how well our mitigation techniques are working and provide further guidance at that time.


The Safe Return Team 

Kristen Alford
Russell Bray
Laura Champion 
Todd Dornbos 
Todd Hubers (co-chair) 
Tim Ellens
Juli Haga 
Arlene Hoogewerf 
Matt Kucinski
Sarah Visser (co-chair) 
John Witte