Subject: New protocols for Calvin employees
Date: May 15, 2020

With Governor Whitmer’s recent extension of the stay-at-home executive order until at least May 28, Calvin staff and faculty will continue to be working from home for the most part. As restrictions on work and movement in Michigan begin changing, however, we want to be ready. Calvin University will be taking a deliberate and informed approach to the ways we do (and do not do) our work on campus, even when it becomes permissible. For that reason, we want you to know of some current initiatives, protocols, and plans.

Health monitoring – Operation Healthy Knight!

For more than a week, essential on-campus employees at Calvin University have been monitoring their health by taking their temperature at home twice a day and using a simple online health reporting form.

Beginning this week, we’re asking ALL Calvin staff, on-site contract workers, and residential students to do the same, regardless if you’re on campus daily, working here occasionally, or just visiting once. Yes, even if you have no plans to visit campus, we still want you to develop these habits and practices.

Operation Healthy Knight! is our community-wide effort to begin health monitoring for all within the Calvin community so that we’re preparing for the eventual safe return of staff and students.

What will be asked of you? It’s simple, proven, and increasingly common:

  1. Take your temperature twice a day and keep track of it.
  2. Use the “Healthy@Work” on-line form to report-in on the morning of each day you physically work on-campus.
  3. Be on the look-out for any symptoms of COVID-19.
  4. Stay home and self-isolate if you’re ill.
  5. If you’re ill, call for testing immediately at 616-391-2380 (Spectrum Health COVID screening line)

If you know you’re ill and not coming to work, you can still use the form. Or you can use this more in-depth symptom reporting form that Calvin has been using for helping our community members who are ill.

If you are supervisor and one of your staff has called you to indicate they are ill with COVID-19 symptoms, please use this reporting form for supervisor of ill staff members.

The date of your return to work after illness will be set based on the latest CDC guidelines, and will also depend on results of your testing (if applicable).

Calvin University is at the front of the pack locally as we chart a new course toward healthy working and living during this current pandemic. Join your fellow Knights in maintaining the health and safety of our on-campus community, now and in the coming months!

Visiting campus

Do you need to make a one-time visit to campus to get materials, utilize technology, etc.? Supervisors must approve these one-time visits, particularly during the governor’s stay-at-home order, and visits should be for compelling reasons only. Employees needing access should submit this request form, which will automatically trigger an email to your supervisor for approval and Campus Safety for notification.

The following steps are required before your first visit and all ongoing visits:

  • Track your temperature twice a day for 72 hours prior to your visit to campus
  • Wear a mask in all public interior spaces (except private offices and shared workspaces that allow appropriate physical distancing)
  • Fill out the Healthy@Work form on the day of your visit.

Employees of Calvin (including students) who have been identified as “essential” for on-campus work have already been approved for visits to campus and will continue using the established process.

At this time, no outside visitors are allowed in any campus building, except where exceptions have been requested and approved through the Coronavirus Safety Team. Please contact Jennifer Ambrose, environmental health and safety officer, to initiate requests for exceptions.

Reopening of campus offices

While many people are ready (and eager) to get back to work, the Michigan stay-at-home order continues to prevent this, and the coronavirus situation in our area remains tenuous. Calvin is working closely with the Kent County Health Department and the Grand Rapids medical community in monitoring statistics and making plans for keeping our campus safe and healthy. The more intentionally and successfully we can do this in the coming weeks, the better case we make for how we can successfully open further in August and September.

Thus, our work to reopen will be slow and careful. Do not assume that an eventual relaxing of the stay-at-home order in Michigan will automatically imply the opening of our campus. Certain functions of our work may be appropriate to reopen, and each will be considered individually and will be approved by the Coronavirus Safety Team. In the coming two weeks, more information will be shared about this process. Stay tuned!

Finally, a note about student employees. Summer student workers who will be working after the stay-at-home order is lifted and any additional summer essential workers will be receiving notification about health requirements, training, and hazard assessment related to their work. Supervisors will receive information in the next 7-10 days.


John Witte and Todd Dornbos
On behalf of the coronavirus response team