Subject: Covering our community
Date: April 9, 2020

This past week, Michigan's governor followed the most recent guidance from the CDC recommending that all Michigan residents wear a cloth face covering when going out in public places. With this in mind, and in anticipation of more strict mandates moving forward, we want to make sure that all of our students and our on-campus essential employees are literally covered.

Our goal as a community is to create 500 cloth face coverings by Noon on Monday, April 13. This will ensure that every student who is still living on campus and every staff member who is regularly coming to campus will have access to at least one face covering.

We can do this, but we need your help! And we are hoping that this long Easter Weekend will provide a good opportunity for us to come together to meet this need!

To start with, please do not buy N95 masks, those should be reserved for healthcare workers and first responders. What we are asking for here is for you to make cloth face coverings from household items. The cloth face masks should be made to cover one's nose and mouth, include multiple layers of fabric, and should be secured with ties or ear loops, be breathable, and be laundered and machine-dried without damage or change to shape.

Need direction? See

The finished cloth face coverings can be dropped off anytime between now and Noon on Monday, April 13, at the Campus Safety Office (which is located near the Lake Dr. entrance to campus). A clearly marked box will be located just inside the exterior door to Campus Safety which will remain unlocked.

Thank you, in advance, for rising to the challenge, and helping us keep our Calvin community safe!

John Witte, Student Life
Laura Champion, Health Services
Jennifer Ambrose, Environmental Health and Safety