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Coronavirus Information Center / University Operations Status

Although many aspects of Calvin University operations have been greatly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Calvin remains committed to continuing to fulfill its mission to provide excellent Christ-centered education.

Below is a broad overview of Calvin university operations. For more details, see the FAQ page, or browse the archive of official communications.

  • Academic courses continue, but have transitioned to an online format. Learn more about online courses and other academic topics.
  • We are committed to supporting international students for whom this situation presents particular difficulties. Learn more about support for international students.
  • On-campus housing and facilities have been closed, and students have left campus (with exceptions made for international students or students in exceptional circumstances). Learn more about campus life.
  • Campus travel and events, including the spring athletic season, have been cancelled for the immediate future; decisions will be made about major events like Commencement as the situation unfolds.
  • Most campus offices and support services continue to function, although wherever possible, campus services and functions have been moved to an online environment. These changes are too numerous to summarize here, but are described in detail on the FAQ page.
  • Calvin is excited to welcome new students in Fall 2020. Get answers to questions about campus visits, student admission, and related topics.
  • Although no cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Calvin community, the community has been asked to adopt a "presumed positive" posture and report any symptoms. Learn more about health and reporting expectations for the community.

This site is the best place to find the latest information about COVID-19's affect on Calvin University and its community. We encourage you to regularly check the Coronavirus Information Center for major updates, and the FAQ page for specific details about the situation as it unfolds.


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