The Nagel Institute invites the affiliation of senior scholars with significant records of achievement in research, publications and project development. The senior research fellows main tasks would be to advance the mission of the Nagel Institute by engaging in research and scholarship, producing high-quality publications, and making professional presentations.


  1. Plan, manage and produce research on aspects of World Christianity.
  2. Publish high-quality books and articles in the field of World Christianity and make effective personal presentations on this research to scholarly and more general audiences.
  3. Engage in network building that advances Nagel Institute aims, both within and beyond Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary.
  4. Represent the Nagel Institute in national and international scholarly settings.
  5. Offer advice, if requested, to the Nagel Institute director and staff.
Other opportunities might include:
  • Developing proposals for research and other scholarly projects and seek funding for them in collaboration with the Nagel Institute director and the university's advancement officers.
  • Providing leadership for team members on research projects.
  • Teaching a course at the university or seminary.
  • Participating as a thesis reader and examiner at the university or seminary.


This position requires a research doctorate or the equivalent, at least ten years of related college or university experience, and an established record of research and publication on topics in World Christianity. Additional experience in project administration is also valued.


Senior research fellows do not have faculty status, so they are not held to the same religious obligations as those of the faculty.  Even so, senior research fellows’ conduct must be consistent with Christian faith and their scholarship must align with the mission of Calvin University and the Nagel Institute.  They shall identify themselves as Nagel Institute Senior Research Fellows and represent the Nagel Institute whenever they engage in professional activities such as conferences, consultations or publications.


Senior research fellows are nominated by the Nagel Institute director and presented for review and approval to the Nagel Institute governing board and to the academic dean with oversight for the Institute.  The application process is otherwise the same as that for visiting scholars.  Terms of appointment are for one to three years, and are renewable. The director of the Institute is vested with the decision of whether to seek renewal of an appointment.  


The privileges and amenities afforded to a senior research fellow are like those afforded to visiting or emeritus faculty, including an equipped office or work station (as limited space allows), campus ID/library/building access card, log-in email and library access, and access to campus events and recreational facilities. Senior research fellows will have Nagel Institute business cards and stationery for the duration of their term of appointment, and will have a modest travel subsidy (currently $1,000 per year).

Senior Research Fellows