Powerful Exhibit as a Follow Up to the Seminar on Contemporary Chinese Art and Society

Artistic Director

Rachel Smith
Taylor University

Administrative Director
Joel Carpenter
Calvin University

The Nagel Institute, in partnership with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and the Lilly Network of Church–Related Colleges and Universities, conducted a seminar and studio project in China during June 2018. As a follow up, an international traveling exhibition of the resulting works of art is currently being developed. This is the third in a series of international art projects, preceded by a seminar in Indonesia in 2008 that resulted in the “Charis” traveling exhibit, and a seminar in South Africa in 2013 followed by a traveling exhibit, “Between the Shadow and the Light.”

Artistic Director Rachel Smith envisioned a really powerful exhibition that would be aesthetically rich and conceptually profound, reflecting a range of intersecting issues and ideas. The exhibit will include a wide variety of media and styles with "something for everyone", but have a visual coherence where certain colors, textures, and other motifs recur in the exhibit. 

Please take a look at this virtual exhibition, curated by Rachel Smith, Gilkison Distinguished Professor of Art History at Taylor University, with our proud co-sponsorship as part the project Matter & Spirit: https://www.westmont.edu/museum/matter-spirit