Christian Art Beyond Borders

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk

Calvin's Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk, professor of art education and a fiber artist, and Daniel Garcia, professor of communication arts and sciences and film maker, joined colleagues from a variety of CCCU schools for the pilot project, called Christianity and the Visual Arts. Read more »


Visual Arts

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), the Nagel Institute, and the Asian Christian Artists Association (ACAA) gathered innovative visual artists to go to Indonesia from June 8-23, 2008.

This seminar was an exciting, life-changing experience for the participants, especially the Americans, all of whom are professors of art in American Christian colleges and universities. Said one, "this program has challenged me to rethink everything I thought I knew about engaging the world of art as a Christian." Now the participants have created more than 40 works of art, the makings of a powerful and stunning exhibition.

Follow-up Traveling Exhibit

CHARIS: Boundary Crossings
Strangers, Neighbors, Family, Friends
October 2009-November 2011 exhibition

This international traveling exhibit is comprised of work by fifteen Asian and North American artists. It explores the implications of Christian faith and effective artistic practice in an increasingly visually-oriented and interactive world where cultures now converge every day, rather than on rare occasions. The exhibit represents the ongoing dialogue of these artists on the challenges of cross-cultural communication and understanding, and the need for people of faith to address real-world issues of social justice, peace and reconciliation, and the effects of globalization wherever one lives.

The exhibition is composed of 40-45 works that include paintings, sculptures, assemblage, fiber constructions, installation and video projections. Several of these pieces are collaborative endeavors embodying the very issues and ideals that the exhibit presents. One special feature of the exhibit is the option for on-site, interactive constructions designed by team artist Roger Feldman.

Over a two year period, this exhibit will travel across the United States, starting at Calvin University and then moving to Taylor University. From there it will travel to several large cities, including Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle.