An International Faculty Development Project Conducted by the Nagel Institute of Calvin University for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Since 2008 the Nagel Institute and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), have partnered on seminars for cross-cultural faculty development. This program is a response to dramatic religious change in an era of globalization. Christianity has emerged as a worldwide religion, engaging a third of the planet’s people in every region of the globe. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s Christians now live outside of Europe and North America. Christianity’s new situation in the world poses many questions about faith and learning and gospel and culture that CCCU institutions must address in fresh ways. These seminars are designed to reorient current and rising leaders among CCCU professors to this new reality by engaging them with Christian thinkers from the global South and East and the issues they face. To date there have been six of these seminars: in Indonesia (2008), South Africa (2009, 2013), China (2011), Brazil (2013), and now India.

These seminars team CCCU professors with Christian intellectuals from the seminar site in order to learn from each other and to produce a collaborative project.

  1. The Indonesia seminar on the visual arts produced Charis, a three-year travelling art exhibit and a catalog featuring 40 new works of art;
  2. The first South Africa seminar produced Walking Together: Christian Thinking and Public Life in South Africa (ACU Press, 2012).
  3. The China seminar produced Christianity in Chinese Public Life: Religion, Society and the Rule of Law (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2014).
  4. The second South Africa seminar produced Between the Shadow and the Light, a traveling art exhibit completing its second year of travel and a catalog.
  5. The Brazil seminar has a book under production, a workshop for chapter authors conducted in Recife in August 2015.Publication plans are underway.

You can read further about each project that came out of the seminars by clicking on the individual links.