In his fostering of creative curiosity and careful inquiry, Sir John Templeton was keen to reach out to nations and people around the world. The humble approaches to learning that he favored implied a willingness to discover new
contexts and to investigate new territories. Just as he had encouraged a worldwide hunt for investment bargains, so too, Sir John wrote, should we all be "wide eyed and open-minded enough to discover new areas for research" (Worldwide Laws of Life, 30; Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash).

Studies in India

The Nagel Institute, with generous support from the Templeton Religion Trust, will conduct a two-year research and planning project, to include two major initiatives:

  1. An invitational consultation, to be held in India and engage three dozen Indian scholars and religious or civic leaders. The purpose is to engage grant-makers in dialogue. A short list of topical areas is to be produced, where the Indian panelist agree on important areas to engage intersected with grant making mandates and interests common to several grant making agencies.
  2. A research and evaluation operation, whereby a researcher or team would investigate each of the selected topical areas and assess its relative promise as a field for grant making. These findings and recommendations would be compiled into a published report and would guide foundations in initial grant-making strategies in India. The project is to be completed December, 2020.