The Nagel Institute is making research, intellectual development and communications projects a major part of its ongoing work.

The main pattern of organization for such projects is collaboration and partnership. The Nagel Institute’s role varies from one project to the next, depending upon the needs of the initiative. We welcome conversations about additional projects.

Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • Abraham's Children
  • African Christianity (A video documentary series)
  • Charis Exhibit 2009
  • Christianity and Social Change in Contemporary Africa 2015-2017
  • Christianity and the Visual Arts in Indonesia 2008
  • Engaging Africa
  • Evangelical Christianity and Social Change in Brazil
  • Global Christian Higher Education
  • Justice: Theory Meets Practice in Honduras
  • Latin American Initiative
  • Primal Religions as the Substructure of Christianity
  • Public Theology: The South African Experience
  • R5: A Visual Arts Seminar and Studio in South Africa
  • Religion, Society, and the Rule of Law
  • Religious Faith and Citizenship in Africa
  • Science, Philosophy and Belief
  • The Gospel in Culture: Contextualization Issues in an Asian Context
  • The Next Generation: Immigration and the Future of the Church in the City
  • Turning South Series
  • Values and Virtues