Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture

Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture

The Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture is a postgraduate research and training Institute fully accredited by the National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education as a tertiary institution with a Presidential Charter to award its own degrees. It is a research university promoting African innovation and excellence and dedicated to the study and documentation of Christian history, thought and life in Ghana and in Africa as a whole, in relation to their African setting and to world Christianity. ACI seeks to strengthen Christian witness in the modern Africa and world context through Christian scholarship.

Nagel funded the 4 year research project, Primal Religions as the Substructure of Christianity, coordinated by ACI. The project began in 2006 and teamed 15 scholars from around the world to study the relationship between primal and Christian worldviews. Two dedicated issues of the Journal of African Christian Thought have been published and a major book is underway.

The Akrofi-Christaller Institute has created a YouTube Channel to reach out to the entire world. This channel is setup so the entire world would benefit from what we do here at this Institute. This channel will contain short video clips of relevant issues relating to theology, mission and culture.

The Center for Global Christianity and Mission

The Center for Global Christianity and MissionThe Center for Global Christianity and Mission was founded by Dr. Dana Robert and Dr.Marthinus Daneel in 2001 to research, teach about, and respond to Christianity’s “shift southward. ” In 2010 more than 60 percent of the world’s Christians lived in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. The founding priorities of the Center were to train western and non-western church leaders inworld Christianity and mission, to do research and produce publications on western and non-western mission history, to undertake empirical research on new Christian movements, and to provide theological education among indigenous churches in southern Africa.

At the Center for Global Christianity and Mission, digital projects undergird the research and outreach. The Center is determined to make mission scholarship available to people throughout the world, free of cost. The CGCM sponsors select digital projects in collaboration with the School of Theology Library and with the Digital Initiatives and Open Access program at Boston University. In particular, please note the digital project, Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


networking Christian scholars & institutions worldwide

Iapche_logoThe International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE) is a network of institutions and individuals worldwide committed to advancing Christian education through training, capacity building,scholarship, and networking in ways that reflect both the universal (shared view of Christ’s centrality in our identity and work) and the local (attending to the specific realities and practices of where and who we serve). It was founded in 1975 in South Africa with the aim of bringing together reformed higher education institutions through networking and mutual exchange. Over the years IAPCHE became more and more ecumenical as it spread its networks to all corners of the world and drew members from different denominations and countries. Today it has regional offices in Costa Rica, India, and Kenya, and the head office is located at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. IAPCHE is run by an executive director who reports to a ten-member board representing Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

The Nagel Institute collaborated with IAPCHE to produce Christian Higher Education (Eerdmans, 2014). The book provides a detailed overview of the state of Christian higher education in select countries within the larger IAPCHE regional representation.

Langham Partnership

Langham partnership

Churches around the world are growing, yet it’s often a growth without depth as 8 in 10 pastors lack biblical training they need. Langham exists to equip pastors and leaders with God’s Word. Langham works alongside Christian leaders around the world, equipping them with skills and tools needed to teach and preach God’s Word to grow the church with depth and maturity.

The Nagel Institute partners with Langham to host and house 5-6 Majority World theologians for focused research and writing through the Prophet's Chamber program.

Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life

Oxford Centre for Religion and Public LifeThe Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life (OCRPL) is a research and training centre which exists to equip public intellectuals, analysts and professionals to recognize and value the contributions of religion to public life.

OCRPL began its life in 2001 as The Institute for Strategic Initiatives based in Washington. D.C. USA. It brought under one research institution work in the area of Christian Faith and Public Life done by the network of International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians (INFEMIT) from 1980.

The areas of study, research and training included the 10 year study on Christian Faith and Economics (1987-96), studies in Faith and Modernity (1992-1996), a global research programme on Evangelicals and Democracy (1997-2001), a study and training programme for Journalists on reporting religion (2001-2005) and several others

In 2005, the Institute moved to Oxford and was renamed as the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life. It became a Charity in 2010.

The areas of work that OCRPL focuses on revolves around:

  • Religious Freedom
  • Religion and Human Rights
  • Faith and Economics
  • Religion, marriage and family
  • Religion and Law
  • Religion and Public Education
  • Religion and Media

Overseas Ministries Study Center

static1.squarespace.comFor nearly 100 years missionaries, international church leaders, and scholars have been finding renewal at OMSC by offering:

  • Residential programs for missionaries and international church leaders
  • Mission scholarship through research and publication
  • Continuing education in cross-cultural Christian ministries

Theological Book Network

theo_logoCommitted to providing theological resources for the formation of leaders called to serve the global church, the Theological Book Network was started in 2002 as a response to the need of Majority World seminaries, universities and Bible colleges. The global church has experienced exponential growth, but its schools are under-resourced. They yearn to be able to offer high-quality academic materials to faculty and students.

We partnered with TBN again for another book distribution program, a programmatic piece of Christianity and Social Change in Contemporary Africa. TBN will also supply books through the program, African Theological Advance

Please read the latest newsletter from Theological Book Network