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The project proposal should describe, for non-specialists, the following:

    • Problem, question, or issue the proposed project will address
    • The means by which the project will address the problem and the methodology that will be employed
    • The relation of the project to one of the major aims of the Nagel Institute
      • Conducting a study of some aspect of world Christianity
      • Partnering with Christian scholars and study centers in the global south or east on a project of Christian scholarship
      • Turning the attention and commitments of northern Christian scholars toward the priorities of Christianity in the global south and east
    • The product(s) that are anticipated, the audience(s) that will be targeted, and the means of dissemination that are anticipated
    • The participants who will be involved, their specific roles and responsibilities, and their qualifications for this particular project

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Project Timeline: How the work will proceed: individual writing? consultation? conference? reading group with summary session/s?
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