The Nagel Institute invites applications for research awards from faculty members of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary. Two Nagel Fellowships will be awarded this academic year, for amounts ranging between $2,000 and $6,000 in support of faculty scholarship pertaining to the study of world Christianity.

These grants exist to support scholarly work that addresses at least one of the major aims of the Nagel Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may apply?

    All Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary tenure track and term-appointed faculty

  • What obligations and opportunities do the faculty at the Nagel Institute have?

    Faculty Fellows of the Nagel Institute enjoy a variety of duties and opportunities:

    • Co-hosting guests of the Nagel Institute
    • Participating in the programs of the Nagel Institute
    • Serving as resource experts and advisors in one's areas of scholarly work to Nagel staff and project directors
    • Promoting Nagel Institute programs and events among faculty colleagues and students
    • Promoting Nagel Institute aims on campus and among colleagues elsewhere
    • Enjoying the Institute's social events.
  • How do the Fellowship periods work?

    Grant terms normally would run for 12 months from the project's starting point.  Grant terms may begin as early as the start of the calendar year following the award decision. Unspent funds will revert to the Nagel Institute.  Awardees have three obligations:

    • Fulfill the stated objectives of the grant.
    • Report the results of their project and grant spending at the end of the grant period.
    • Present the results of the project in a Nagel Institute sponsored lecture.
  • How may the awards be used for such research costs?
    • Travel and accommodations
    • Materials and contracted services
    • Meetings with collaborators
    • Student research assistants
  • What items are ineligible for support?
    • Salary replacement
    • Teaching replacement costs
    • Summer stipends
    • Conference travel
  • What are the Nagel Institute's Scholarly aims?

    These grants exist to support scholarly work that addresses at least one of the major aims of the Nagel Institute. Scholarly aims of the Nagel Institute:

    • Conducting a study of some aspect of world Christianity
    • Partnering with Christian scholars and study centers in the global south or east on a project of Christian scholarship
    • Turning the attention and commitments of northern Christian scholars toward the priorities of Christianity in the global south and east