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Giving to our Endowment

Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary are partnering with the Meeter Center to raise an endowment for the Center to sustain its work for future generations. The endowment goal is five million dollars. As of October 2016, donations to the endowment have reached 1.5 million. Contributions at any level help us get closer to our goal!

Friends of the Meeter Center Membership

In order to continue to increase the Meeter Center’s collection, particularly its rare books, and in order to support scholarly research through the provision of travel scholarships for visiting academics, we are keen to recruit Friends in the local community and internationally whose financial contributions will help to ensure that the Meeter Center’s reputation for excellence continues to grow.

In return for their annual membership fee, Friends will receive copies of the Meeter Center newsletter, keeping them abreast of events and on-going research in the field. They will also be invited to special Friends events each year to thank them for their support and to mark the arrival of early printed books in the collection.

Membership fees for the Friends of the Meeter Center:
  • Student $20
  • Supporter $40
  • Donor $75
  • Associate $100
  • Partner $200
  • Benefactor $500

Donating to our Rare Book Fund

Donations to the Meeter Center rare book fund help the Center purchase early editions of works by John Calvin and other Reformers. The Center’s rare book collection is a vital resource for visiting researchers and is an important teaching tool for students whose classes come to the Center for hands-on presentations on rare books, early printing, and the Reformation.

Support from our Donors is deeply appreciated. Many thanks.

If you would like to contribute to any of these three funds, please fill out the form online, or print and mail it.