During the fall semester preceding your semester in Washington, you will be involved in activities designed to help prepare you for the upcoming semester, particularly in terms of internship applications, through the Internship Coordinator and/or the Social Work Program.

While you are in Washington D.C., you will take three classes for academic credit.

STDC 342Special Topics in Public Life (3 semester hours) This course changes periodically, depending upon the expertise of the individual who is teaching the class. Students on the Politics & Policy track and the Pre-Law track take this course for the spring semester. The course will include a monthly meeting of each of the two tracks, with a mentor specific to that field of interest, which will include some assignments relative to that specialization. May be credited as an elective, or as a departmental credit when accepted by the department concerned.

For 2023: Economic and Community Development   The class, taught by Jeff Bloem, will articulate the role different actors play in community development as well as the ways in which economic, environmental, political, social, and cultural factors affect community development. Students will evaluate competing theoretical approaches to community development and strategies of community development in specific contexts. [This course is equivalent to PNA 524]

STDC 343Integrating Faith and Public Life in Washington, DC (3 semester hours) The role of religion and faith in the life and work of professionals in the Washington, D.C. area will be the focus of this course. The course will utilize a series of site visits one day of each week during the semester, meeting people working in organizations that influence, study, and/or implement public policies in a variety of areas such as health, social services, immigration, security, economic development, and more. May be credited as an elective, or as a departmental credit when accepted by the department concerned.

STDC 344Internship in Washington, DC (8 semester hours) An internship experience, normally consisting of a four-day work week in a professional setting in the student's major field of concentration. Credit toward a departmental major is granted at the discretion of each department.

Note that students taking the Social Work track substitute SOWK 380 for STDC 342, and complete their field work requirement as part of STDC 344.