Four classes are involved in the the Semester in Washington DC Program: one class the fall before going to Washington, and three while you are in DC.

STDC 241Study in Washington, DC (1 semester hour) This is a one-semester-hour course taken during the fall semester immediately preceding the internship experience. The course is designed to introduce students to the city, prepare students for job searches, assist participants in securing appropriate internships for the upcoming semester.

STDC 342Special Topics in Public Life (3 semester hours) This course will change each spring, with the topic selected by the Calvin University faculty member accompanying the group for the semester and teaching this class.

For 2021: American Elections and Mass Media  The course provides a survey of the relationship between American politics and the mass communications media. The course covers the way the federal government, through its regulations and its dissemination of information, affects the operations of the media, campaigning and elections, and how the media influence the social and political values of Americans and the functioning of the political system.  [This course is equivalent to POLS 318]

For 2022: Adoption Policy  The course will explore policies and laws that have shaped the practice of adoption, both domestic and international, and the impact of those policies on children and their adoptive and birth relatives. For international adoption, the impact of policies and treaties on child welfare reform within countries as well as relationships between countries will be examined. The evolution of policies regarding transracial adoption will also be addressed and placed in the context of research on racial and ethnic identity development. Students will interview adoptive parents and/or adoptees as a means of connecting course content with the lived experience of these individuals. Site visits and/or guest speakers from various organizations will allow students direct access to organizations and offices involved in policy and practice.

STDC 343Integrating Faith and Public Life in Washington, DC (3 semester hours) The role of religion and faith in the life and work of professionals in the Washington, D.C. area will be the focus of this course. The course will utilize a series of site visits on most of the Mondays during the semester, meeting people working in organizations that influence, study, and/or implement public policies in a variety of areas such as health, social services, immigration, security, economic development, and more. Time will also be spent on civic hospitality and cultivating virtues of accepting diversity in opinions and views. For the remaining Mondays, individuals or small groups of students will pursue personal interviews and research on a project selected based upon the interests of the particular student(s).  May be credited as an elective, or as a departmental credit when accepted by the department concerned.

STDC 344Internship in Washington, DC (8 semester hours) An internship experience, normally consisting of a four-day work week in a professional setting in the student's major field of concentration. Credit toward a departmental major is granted at the discretion of each department.