CRCNA "Our Journey 2020" survey, 2017-18

Beginning in 2017, the CSR team is supporting CRCNA leadership in converting the denominational survey from a sample of churches once every five years to an annual survey of a cohort of one-fifth of churches each year. Thus, the over 1,000 CRCNA churches will all be requested to participate at least once every five years, and the denomination will enjoy annual trend data with greater representation.

Churches providing at least 20 responses receive congregation-level reports.

As of fall 2018, the following resources are available:

  1. The main CRCNA survey entry page, including links to supporting materials
  2. preview version of the main survey instrument
    (WARNING: no data is collected by the preview version).
  3. An interactive visualization of the data on Tableau Public.
  4. Reports on the surveys on the CRCNA Research page.

For support of this project, please contact CSR by email ( or phone, 616 526-7799.

Denominational Surveys, 1987 to 2012


Former CSR director Rodger Rice and current director Neil Carlson completed a full report on the 2012 CRC Survey and presented the results (video, starts at 2:45) to the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church on Monday, June 10, 2013.

From the summer of 2012 through January 2013, the Center for Social Research (CSR) conducted the 2012 wave of the Christian Reformed Church of North America survey. As with the previous wave, the survey focused on church health and trends over time within the denomination.

The following resources are now available:

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