Since 2004, CSR has been building a broad, flexible business infrastructure for our work as a research consulting team. From human resources and work culture to operations and project management, our team has experience building dozens of practical solutions for logistical and financial operations in all kinds of business organizations. Whether you're a small startup or a mature firm, you can tap our experience to address your digital transformation training and development challenges.

Learn to run your business; then run your business to learn

Our experience with digital transformation and systems integration spans a variety of areas, services, and tools.

  • Human Resources and Work Culture. Our experience with survey and application design, interviewing methods, training, and talent development uniquely equips us to help you build an everyone culture. Tools used include Trello, Qualtrics, Slack, Zoom, and Office 365.
  • Analytics and Data Science. From surveys to statistical models to financial analytics, we can help you make sense of complex data sources. Tools used include Tableau, GIS, Stata, Python, and CSR's custom qual2db Python application. 
  • Operations and Project Management. Our rapid relational database design experience allows us to conduct complex, labor-intensive, multi-stage projects, including ad-hoc custom Customer Relationship Managment systems, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, and Electronic Health Record systems. Tools used include Quick Base, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Systems Integration. We know how to make cloud apps talk to each other using complex web-based systems-integration solutions. Tools used include Qualtrics, Quick Base, Salesforce, Trello, and other API-driven applications.
  • Accounting and Financial Services. For fifteen years, we have maintained our own online financial system and supported client organizations with their financials. Tools used include QuickBooks Online, Quick Base, and Tableau.
  • Marketing and Customer Experience. Our experience with custom survey design and business analytics allows us to help you gather essential data to refine your customer experience. Tools used include Qualtrics, Quick Base, and Tableau.

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