What is the role of the Calvin Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team?

The CARE Team is made up of staff and faculty that respond to concerns from the Calvin community about a student’s behavior. The CARE Team follows a review process to address the reported concerns at regularly scheduled meetings or, if necessary, at special meetings. The goal is to resolve concerns through a course of action that takes into account the interests of the student and of the university community.

The team includes representatives from the Center for Counseling and Wellness, Health Services, Campus Safety, Student Conduct, Residence Life, Student Development, Student Academic Services, and the Faculty. Members of the team are trained to address a broad range of student needs. The team will explore various options and strategies to address concerns and may provide appropriate guidance and resource referrals to address the particular situation.

Why should I notify the CARE Team of my concerns?

An important way for the Calvin community to feel connected is to create opportunities for caring and concern. The CARE Team provides a central resource to anyone who is concerned about an individual and may not be sure how best to help. When you submit information online, campus and community support networks may be accessed, optimizing the chance that individuals will receive needed assistance. Contact the CARE Team if you are concerned about a student and want to help.

What are behavior concerns?

Examples of behaviors that might alert members of the Calvin community to initiate an online report include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Extreme disorganization or erratic performance in class
  • Angry or hostile outbursts
  • Deterioration in physical appearance or personal hygiene
  • Written or artistic expression of unusual violence or despair
  • Being more withdrawn or animated than usual
  • Noticeable cuts, bruises, or burns
  • Essays or papers that focus on suicide or death
  • Disorganized speech, rapid or slurred speech, confusion
How do I contact the CARE team?

Any Calvin faculty, staff, or student may report their concerns using the online submission form, which will be processed during normal business hours, Monday - Friday (8 AM-5 PM). If the online submission is posted after hours, the matter will not be addressed until the following business day.

Is it possible to remain anonymous?

The team will, to the extent possible, respect the wishes of reporters concerning their anonymity. However, there may be situations where the identity of the reporter will need to be disclosed or will become apparent because of the actions taken to address the situation.

Will my report be confidential?

Requests for confidentiality will be respected and maintained when possible. However, the primary goal of the CARE team is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the student and the university community, and as a result confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

How soon will my report be read by a member of the CARE Team?

Your report will be read the next working day. One of the members of the CARE Team will determine whether the report can wait to be addressed at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If it requires more immediate attention, appropriate action will be taken.