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Lecrae In Concert w/ DJ Vow

  • Saturday, March 28, 2015
  • 9:00 PM–11:59 PM

Note: Concert venue has changed to Covenant Fine Arts Center. Tickets purchased for the Van Noord Arena will be valid at the new venue. 2015 Festival of Faith and Music

Ticketing options

Festival of Faith and Music Registration = various prices.  Includes all FFM concerts and lectures (Including Tune-Yards & Will Butler (of Arcade Fire)).  Choose REGISTER/SIGN UP link above.  

Pre-Concert Lecture + Concert = $35.  Lecrae lecture at 7:00PM in the Covenant Fine Arts Center followed by concert at 9:00PM.  All seats general admission.  Lecture seating is limited.  Choose BUY TICKETS link above.

Concert only = $30.  Lecrae concert at 9:00PM in the Covenant Fine Arts Center.  All seats general admission.  Choose BUY TICKETS link above.

Artist narrative

Breaking the mold has been a phrase that accurately describes Christian hip-hop artist, Lecrae Moore. This reverberates true in recent history as his most recent project, Anomaly, made history as the first project ever to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and Gospel Album simultaneously (among other categories). In his pursuit of producing good music, Lecrae has proved himself an agent known for redefining mainstream popular culture. Much of his impact has come as a result of a commitment to truth, transparency and good sounding tracks.

His portrayal of content is heavily influenced by his Christian faith. These roots have been a long lasting characteristic, distinguishing him from many of his peers. In past years, it seemed that Lecrae’s focus was on making music for the church, exclusively; in other words, providing another outlet for listeners who found themselves a part of the faith-believing community and the hip-hop community. Over time, his sound has evolved but so has his calling as an artist. His more recent projects have been bridge-building expressions, seeking to appeal to a wider base of listener while retaining core virtues. In the track, “Nuthin” the Houston, Tx. rapper spits lyrics filled with honesty and positivity,

They don't talk about the pain, they don't talk about the struggle

How they turn to the Lord when they ran into trouble

I'm a talk about it

I don't care if the world try to swallow me

I turn my back to 'em, tell 'em all follow me

I know you gon' label me a hater

But inside you are greater than the songs you creating man

(Hear it here: )

Lecrae chooses to critique and challenge the predominant form of art making in the current culture through this track. His critique doesn’t simply illuminate issues but it calls the listener to a more accurate understanding of what’s really going on. He doesn’t neglect the truth about experiences but instead reveal the whole truth.

Another role of Lecrae’s art is the transcendent nature of his persona in the public eye. He’s known as a forerunner in the faith-community as he seeks to navigate the new waters in which he floats. Praise and gratitude make their way into his tracks but so does doubt and the desire for reassurance. The mastery of his art is found in the relatability of his lyrics. Here, he connects with scores of listeners without alienating them with views his listeners may or may not share. His capacity to bridge gaps is shown clearly in the song “Fear”, also from, Anomaly:

I honestly grow insecure as I get older

Cuz' even when you hot there comes a day when you get colder

Comes a day when you slower, time is taking its toll

45 on the back of the jersey upon your soul

I'm scared of letting go, I don't know what the future holds

My nightmares are having nightmares

I'm quite scared of what's right and fair

How I fare in eternity  


In the midst of great acclaim and growing career success, Lecrae’s opening lyrics are a complete reversal to the macho, self-aggrandizing raps heard on most rap tracks. Few do this, and even fewer communicate the truth well. He likens himself to basketball legend, Michael Jordan and voices the rising concern that comes with age. His candid questioning is a demonstration of his humanness that seems elusive in rap lyrics spoken by many. Truly, Lecrae embodies the title of his album, ‘anomaly’ with this confessional track.

It’s easy to say, Lecrae is making hits that are sending ripples into the the music-world. Seven studio records into the game, he’s come to embrace the tension of blending two categories most didn’t believe could co-exist. In his growth, the Houston hard-hitter demonstrated a commitment to truth and transparency in his content as well as a growing grasp on quality sounding music. And all of these aspects work together to make Lecrae an artist who gains appreciation from a wide base of followers, worldwide.

- Jeremy Smith

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