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  • Saturday, April 1, 2017
  • 11:00 AM–12:15 PM
  • Meeter Center Lecture Hall

Panel Three: The Experience of Music David Fuentes: “This is Your Heart on Music” Micah van Dijk: “Why are We in a Band?”

David Fuentes: “This is Your Heart on Music”

David Fuentes is Professor of Composition and Theory at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he composes concert and liturgical music for chamber ensembles, solo instruments, orchestra, and chorus.He also writes music for theater, musical theater, film, television, dance, and integrative collaborations with visual artists, here and abroad. Fuentes has been invited to lecture on contemporary composers, film music, music vocation, and the place of music in human flourishing. He is currently working on This is Your Heart on Music, a book which explores ways to make everyday music listening more devotional—inviting the Spirit to challenge and encourage us through the songs we love most.

Micah van Dijk: “Why are We in a Band?”

Micah van Dijk obtained a Master’s of Popular Music Studies (Music Industries Focus) from the University of Glasgow, Scotland in 2014.  He researched the motivations musicians have towards live performance. Building on the work of Dr. Al Wolters (Creation Regained) and Andy Crouch (Culture Making), Micah speaks to youth and young adults, teaching discernment skills and providing space to practice critical thinking towards popular music.   Micah also DJ’s, manages a band, writes music reviews for magazines, and organizes music events at Redeemer University College, where he is the part-time First Year Experience Coordinator. (

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