• July 3, 2022–July 29, 2022

Join us for four weeks of on-campus learning to prepare for attending a university in the U.S. You’ll take a course for credit, improve your conversational and academic English skills, and become confident in who you are in a safe, welcoming environment. This program is open to secondary-school- and high-school-aged international students.

Academic track (for credit)

This option is for students with advanced English language skills. You will:

  • Take a college course for up to three credits
  • Receive academic coaching
  • Participate in an advanced English language study group (optional)

Language track (non-credit)

This option is for students with intermediate English language skills. You will:

  • Improve grammar, comprehension, and speaking skills
  • Receive Academic Coaching
  • Participate in cultural immersion activities
  • Receive a certification of completion

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