Faith | Science - Do both

Think courageously, believe passionately

At Calvin, no one will ask you to leave your faith at the door when you enter a philosophy classroom or a biology lab. In fact, your professors will challenge you to deepen your faith by tackling big ideas and current issues. It might get messy at times, but you'll never be alone as you explore things like:

  • Cell research and eco-terrorism
  • The effect of social networking on interpersonal relationships
  • The role of hip hop music in popular culture
Forbes Top College
A Top College

What does it take to get on Forbes' Top Colleges list? Among other criteria: student satisfaction, post-grad success and rate of student debt. Calvin wears this badge of honor with pride.

Forbes list
Real Research
Real research

Go to a college where you can get knowledge and create knowledge. Partner with your professors to do research in areas such as diabetes, the effects of pollution and racism.

Summer research
Majors and Minors
100+ majors and programs

Learn to serve God in 100+ academic areas. At Calvin, we believe that all things are worthy of our investigation, from therapeutic recreation to archaeology and Spanish.

Engage Culture
Engage culture

A Christian college that brings in artists like Ingrid Michaelson and fun.? Calvin is a place where you can discern and enjoy popular culture through great concerts, films and video game events.

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Career | Life - Shape both

Become world ready

You want a job after graduation, and we can help with that. But you want more—you want a life that goes beyond yourself, a life that is part of making change happen.

Calvin can offer you the kind of Christian education that fills you with a deep sense of purpose—and make you exactly the kind of person publishing companies and churches and schools and law offices want to hire.

Turning an English major into a career

Samantha Vanderberg '12 is no stranger to the question that get asked to many English majors: what are you going to do with that major? Thanks to the internship program in Calvin's English department, she didn't have to worry about the answer.

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2011 graduates who were employed or in graduate school one year after graduation.

Calvin students with at least one internship while in college.

Post-grad success

Biochemistry is no easy subject, especially in college. Still, Nick Be '05 went through the program and loved his classes and research opportunities so much, he decided to study it in grad school. Seven years later, he now goes by "Dr." Nick Be, thanks to a PhD in biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University.

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Calvin's accounting program was ranked #15 among 270 peer institutions nationwide, by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

Top 1%
Calvin's 2012 Computer Science majors placed in the 99th percentile—the top one percent—of students, nationally, on their ETS Computer Science Major Field Test, which measures their knowledge in computer programming.

Scholar | Mentor - Expect both

Learn from the best

Calvin College is the kind of place where your profs know your name, and where teaching is job number one.

When they're not helping you brainstorm paper topics or troubleshooting a quiz, they've got some serious stuff going on—they're probably writing a book or an Emmy-winning screenplay or fussing with molecular tinker toys for a $1 million National Science Foundation grant they got last year.

Real Research
Top scholars

Calvin faculty members are regularly recognized by their peers for their excellent work as scholars. In the past five years, they earned 9 Fulbright Fellowships and over $33.5 million in research funding. They also win top poetry prizes, Newbery Honors and other prestigious awards.

Meet faculty

Student-faculty ratio

Faculty with PhD or highest-level degree

Best Colleges
Best undergraduate teaching

Calvin was #12 among national liberal arts colleges for great teaching, according to the 2013 U.S.News & World Report Best Colleges. Not to mention the four profs that made it on The Princeton Review's Best 300 Professors list!

U.S.News list
Hands-on research

Science comes alive as students partner with faculty to conduct exciting research relevant to AIDS, diabetes, dry eye syndrome, asteroid collisions and much more. Every year, more than 100 students engage in research, mentored by faculty members in every field of science. There are plenty of research opps for students in the humanities, too!

Ghana | Grand Rapids - Explore both

Connect on a global level

13 semester programs    30+ January interims

Why walk to class when you could take a jet? Connect with people who think and live in different ways through Calvin's off-campus programs and other global opportunities.

  • Do an internship or service-learning project in Germany or Hong Kong.
  • Conduct research with a professor in Africa.
Ghana / GR
Semester in Ghana

Study for a semester in Ghana, where diverse peoples and cultures are finding ways to coexist in a rapidly modernizing country. Learn to play the African drums, study Ghana's culture and history and do a service-learning internship with a local organization.

Semester program in Ghana

Number of students who studied off campus in 2010-2011

in total number of students studying abroad, according to a national study.

Real Research
Hit the streets with StreetFest

Embrace Grand Rapids from day one as you do service projects throughout the city with other first-year students. Once you're settled in, do longer-term service-learning at local schools, churches and non-profits. A great way to get experience in your major!

Explore StreetFest
Winter at Calvin

Yes, it gets cold here, but that doesn't stop fun from happening in the winter months! See what opportunities await you in a West Michigan winter. Snowball fights, snowboarding, ice skating and creating giant snow sculptures on the Commons Lawn—winter in Michigan is anything but dull!

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Mind | Spirit - Fill both

Mind | Spirit

Live fully—and faithfully

At Calvin, you'll learn to connect the way you think with the way you live. What do you know? Who do you love? Where do your plans and ideas intersect with God's vision for your life and his world?

Fill your mind and your spirit with great films and political debates, challenging assignments and dorm Bible studies, pre-concert conversations with artists like Regina Spektor and Death Cab for Cutie and service-learning in the Grand Rapids community.

Serve / learn
Serve / learn

Ranked tops by U.S.News & World Report, Calvin's Service-Learning Center gives you a huge variety of opportunities to serve and learn during college, from spring break trips to Grand Rapids-based projects.

Get involved

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