It’s not just what you know, it’s the questions you’re willing to ask.

This world needs your bold questions because they lead to bold solutions. At Calvin, you’ll discover a compassionate community of Christians—and you’ll find a determination to respond to the world’s challenges. Join us, and ask the bold questions that lead to astonishing inventions, uncover unexpected truths, and even renew the world.

Calvin Wayfinder

“Can I do what I love—and make a difference in the world?”

Shiny pouring water in the lab

Shiny Samuel is passionate about innovating new solutions and serving others. As a student researcher with Calvin’s Clean Water Institute, she’s doing both.

Discovery takes an open mind.

God gave you passions for a reason, and Calvin will help you figure out what that reason is. If you’re open to the opportunities that surround you here, you’ll be amazed at what can happen. You'll be even more amazed at the person you can become.

Calvin Wayfinder

“What does it take to revitalize a neighborhood with compassion?”

Noah with professor

People and places fascinate senior Noah Schumerth. He teamed up with Professor Bjelland to research human geography—and discovered more about his own place in the world.

We don't run from messiness.

Life isn’t a series of binary choices, because nothing is that simple. You need courage and conviction to navigate this big, complicated world—and here at Calvin, courage and conviction are what you’ll find.

Calvin Wayfinder

“Where can I uncover the truth?”

Patrick playing cello

Patrick Jonker is a scientist. And a philosopher. And a musician. At Calvin, he’s empowered to learn, create, and innovate in all these disciplines.

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.

You have to work at it, over and over and over. It means wondering just how far you can push yourself—and discovering that it’s a lot further than you dreamed. Need motivation? The dedication required to soar past boundaries permeates the very DNA of Calvin University.

Calvin Wayfinder

“How can I be truly excellent?”

Maddie in the dugout

For Maddie DeGroot, excellence isn’t about individual choices. It’s about a community, a team—a family—that pushes her past her self-imposed limits.

This journey matters.

A Calvin education is about so much more than facts. It's an education of discovery. It’s an education rooted in bold questions about God and his creation. And the real power of this experience is the amazing, breathtaking, life-shaping journey we take to get there.

Calvin Wayfinder

Join the adventure