Calvin Admissions offers travel funding to encourage high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who are international or exchange students and their host parents in the United States to visit for Fridays at Calvin.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses will be reimbursed as follows:

  • Air/train/bus transportation:
    • Up to $300 of the student's paid ticket will be reimbursed, with a receipt.
    • If the student enrolls at Calvin, the cost of his/her transportation will be reimbursed in total, with a receipt.
    • IMPORTANT: Before purchasing travel tickets, contact Stephanie Brink at (616) 526-8421 (800-688-0122) to confirm that your visit reservation has been received and that space is available in that visit program.
  • Driving to campus: Up to $300 of the student's traveling expenses will be reimbursed. Reimbursement will be calculated based on mileage from the student's home address multiplied by Calvin's standard mileage allowance. For example, 154 miles traveled x $.56/mile = $86.24 reimbursement.


  • For parents: Calvin will provide one (1) night of lodging in either the Prince Conference Center or a local hotel for parents accompanying their student on a campus visit. Meals on campus will be provided during the visit.
  • For students: Students will stay with student hosts in residence halls. Meals will be provided.


Contact Stephanie Brink before you visit to request reimbursement.

  • Make visit reservations online or contact Stephanie Brink at (616) 526-8421 (800-688-0122). Visit reservations and travel grants are based on space availability, so please make your reservations well in advance.
  • Please let us know which type of visit grant you're requesting (Student of Color, Canadian or International) when making your visit reservations.
  • Reimbursement will be made after the visit. Students must attend all scheduled visit activities. Please submit a copy of the receipt for travel expenses to Stephanie Brink. Calvin will mail a reimbursement check to the student/family. If you enroll at Calvin, you are eligible to request a check during your first fall semester for the balance of your travel costs.