We encourage you to explore the possibility of bringing a group of prospective students to come discover Calvin! If you qualify as an official “group visit,” Calvin will cover your lodging and meals, and reimburse much of your travel expenses when you come to the Fridays at Calvin program.

What is a group visit?

A group visit is a group of four or more high school students who attend the Fridays at Calvin program with a designated adult group leader such as a guidance counselor, Calvin alumn, youth group leader, teacher, or parent.

To qualify for reimbursement, the group leader must participate in the itinerary planned for students, serving in the role of chaperone throughout any daytime and evening events.

The group leader must provide the admissions office with their local contact information and must take responsibility for making certain that the students and their parents are aware of the university’s expectations for their behavior and participation. All prospective students are expected to participate fully in the visit.


Calvin will reimburse much of the travel costs associated with a group visit. Group leaders should confirm all Calvin reservations before making travel plans. (Family members of group leaders who are not prospective students should be prepared to pay for their own expenses.)

Lodging: We will arrange up to two nights of lodging for the group leader, depending on travel needs, at the Prince Conference Center or a local hotel nearby. Double occupancy will be used when appropriate. Student visitors will stay in the residence halls with Calvin student hosts.

Meals: Lunch will be provided at the Fridays at Calvin program. Meal tickets to the Calvin dining halls will be given for your remaining meals on campus.

Airfare/train tickets: Calvin will reimburse group leaders for the cost of their plane/train ticket. Students who participate in a group visit will be offered $300 toward the cost of their flights/trips. To receive this reimbursement, the group leader must turn in a copy of all travelers’ flight/train receipts in one packet immediately after the trip. Reimbursement must be requested through Stephanie Brink prior to the purchase of airline/train tickets.

Gas mileage: To qualify for gas reimbursement, the group leader should be driving a distance greater than 300 miles roundtrip and bringing at least 4 prospective students. Reimbursement will be calculated based on the round trip mileage (from the point of departure to Calvin and back) multiplied by Calvin’s standard mileage allowance. For example, 354 miles traveled X $.53.5/mile = $189.39 reimbursement, made payable to the group leader. (Maximum gas reimbursement up to $300 per student/leader.)

If you enroll at Calvin, you are eligible to request a check during your first fall semester for the balance of your travel costs.

Plan your visit

To arrange a group visit for a Fridays at Calvin date, please contact Stephanie Brink (see below).

Please contact Stephanie at least two weeks in advance of the date you’d like to visit to schedule your group visit and request reimbursement. Group leaders should confirm all Calvin reservations before making travel plans.

Please make certain that any questions about size limitations and reimbursement are discussed with Stephanie before you make the final plans for your visit.


Stephanie Brink

Stephanie Brink

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