• We request that all professors in the Science Division who will do research with undergrads submit this form and work through the Science Division Research and Grants Committee (SDRGC). Faculty are requested to comply with the SDRGC policy and procedures.
  • Submit a separate Faculty Project Proposal form for each project you wish to advertise to students.
  • Completed forms must be submitted online by February 1, 2021..

WARNING: This online application currently DOES NOT allow you to save a partially completed version of the application to your desktop and return to it later. Once you have submitted your application, a copy will be automatically emailed to you.  If you do not receive a copy, check your junk mail box in Outlook, or contact Mary VanderMeer for a copy. Contact the STEM Division if you need to correct errors or update your application before the deadline.

STEM Division Research and Grants Committee members: Chair Randall DeJong (biology), Adejoke Ayoola (nursing), Laura Westrate (chemistry/biochemistry), Joel Adams (computer science), Larry Molnar (physics), Blake Riek (psychology), Deanna van Dijk (geology), Chris Hartemink (engineering), and James Turner (mathematics).

Name (type first letters of your last name, or scroll down list)

Project Title

Brief project description. This description will be used to advertise to students.

How will this project benefit the student(s)?

Total number of students who will be working on this project

Total number of students for whom you already have funding support for this project

If you have indicated that you have funding support, please identify that support.

What percentage of your summer activities will be dedicated to undergraduate research projects?

Please list any other Calvin faculty members who will be working on this project with you.

If you have funding support already for the total number of students you intend to hire, you may proceed to the E-signature section of this form.

If you do not have your own funding for this project, please fill out the rest of this form.

The SDRGC, made up of a representative from each department in the Science Division, oversees the equitable assignments of students for summer projects with input from faculty researchers, based on funds available and departmental goals. The SDRGC will collect student applications, notify all applicants of their status after the selection process, and facilitate payroll for awardees. For a more complete description of the process, see the Science Division Research & Grants Committee (SDRGC) policy and procedures.

If you receive funding, you must comply with these policies and procedures. Any questions can be directed to your department's representative on the committee (see the list of committee members at the top of the page.).

Total number of students for whom you need funding support for this project.

Check all funding sources that potentially apply:

      Kuipers Applied Math Fellowship. To be eligible for a Kuipers Fellowship, the project description should highlight the applied math component.
      Departmental funds
      Open Division funds

Will this project involve 8 or 10 weeks of student time?       8 weeks*

                                                                                             10 weeks

 *When do you anticipate beginning your research project? Bear the new academic calendar in mind. 

If you would like to further describe your proposed research and its scholarly value so that the committee can better judge its merit in case there is limited funding, please do so here.

How does this project fit into your own professional plan?

Have you applied for external support for this research which is pending? Please explain.

Describe how much of this project can be done online and what percentage will need to be done on-campus.  Indicate here if your project is primarily conducted outdoors. You may also be expected to submit a safety protocol.


When requesting student fellowship(s) I am agreeing to comply with the SDRGC policy and procedures. By checking this box, I certify that the information given in this application is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I understand that willful omission, falsification, or incomplete statements within this application may jeopardize my potential for funding.