Best Practices for the Disinfection of Rural Community Water Supplies in Ecuador

Basic information

This project provides evaluation and education, in conjunction with our partners, resulting in better water to rural communities in Ecuador.

  • We provide evaluation of delivery systems (chemical and feed), along with best practices and critical success factors.
  • We evaluate water chemistry and provide field testing methods.
  • We test water system dynamics for proper levels of disinfectant residual.
  • We evaluate palatability—the taste/odor-based rejection threshold for disinfected water.
  • Lifegiving Water International
  • Ecuadorian regional governments (Cantons, Guamote, Colta) responsible for about 400 communities
Disciplines involved
  • chemistry
  • geography
  • public health
  • engineering
  • psychology
  • household
  • local
  • regional
  • global


Robert Hoeksema

Robert Hoeksema

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