PUBH-101   Introduction to Public Health

This course introduces students to the broad interdisciplinary field and history of public health in both the U.S. and globally. The course explores the social, political, and environmental determinants of health and disease, with special attention to how individual factors (such as education, occupation, race, and age) and structural factors (such as war, poverty, and health care systems) shape health outcomes. Students are introduced to both U.S. and global public health infrastructures that focus on improving and monitoring the public?s health. Several topical areas with priority interest to public health are considered such as maternal and child health, disaster management, terrorism, control of infectious disease, food production, and population growth. Students are also introduced to global health care institutions that develop, finance, and respond to global health care initiatives. Throughout the course, students are challenged to consider a variety of ethical issues integral to public health as they consider this field from a Christian perspective. Faculty employ multiple teaching methods including lecture, discussion, case studies, guest lectures, and field trips.