PSYC-202   Youth Faith Dev & Spiritual Formation

This course examines how faith is formed and developed by studying influential theories of faith formation (e.g., Fowler?s stages of faith, Objects-Relations) and the general developmental theories on which these faith formation theories are based. Approximately 1/4 of the course is devoted to faith formation in children with particular emphasis on how early attachments shape a person?s view of God. The remainder of the course focuses on the development of religious identity and practices during adolescence and early adulthood. Contextual influences examined include family, peers, schools, religious congregations, historical traditions, organized rites of passage, and post-modern culture. Religious identity is viewed as intertwined with gender and ethnic identity. Recommended for non-majors. Not open to students who have taken or plan to take Psychology 208 or 209. Prerequisite: Psychology 151 or Education 302, or permission of the instructor.