IDS-359   Intern. in International Dev.

Internships will typically take place in collaboration with the World Renew, and will generally involve World Renew?s placement of the student with one of its partner organizations, either in a developing nation or in North America. Students will work for four to five months with this partner in areas of development work including community development, microenterprise and business development, literacy and adult education, organizational capacity building, data gathering, basic health, disaster preparedness and response, refugee assistance and resettlement, local church-based development, and peace and reconciliation work. Placement will occur through an application and interview process. See one of the IDS advisors for more information. Prerequisites: IDS 201 or SPHO 205, IDS 355 or STHO 212, Sociology 253, a semester educational experience in a developing nation or its equivalent, appropriate language capabilities, and junior/senior status.