IDIS-391   Seminar in Afr/Afr Diaspora Studies

This course seeks to integrate key conceptual and theoretical frameworks to provide upper level students a good sense of how multiple disciplines such as history, philosophy, theology, anthropology, and literature engage African Studies and African Diaspora Studies. In this course, common readings will expand from the theoretical and conceptual to representative works on various themes in African and African Diaspora Studies. The primary focus of the course will be the creation of African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino identities and the negotiating processes involved. In our discussions of scholarly work, we will offer criticism and ask pertinent questions from a Reformed Christian worldview. As a senior seminar, the course utilizes a seminar approach where the class discussion and structure derives from interactions with the texts, theories, and ideologies. The course carries an honors option (to be arranged with the professor). Prerequisites: Three courses from the African or African Diaspora minor or by approval of the professor.