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Explore Calvin’s graduate level Cultural Intelligence for Christian Leaders Certificate, designed for Christian congregations and parishes, ministry organizations, educators of all ages, and all those seeking to deepen their appreciation of the diversity of the body of Christ and to build a set of skills in order to lead humbly and wisely in a global community.

In our increasingly diverse and interconnected world, the need for Christians to lead with cultural competency has never been more important.

Christian congregations, ministry organizations, educators, and all those seeking the ability to appreciate and relate well to the vast diversity of the body of Christ are invited to explore Calvin’s graduate cultural intelligence certificate program.

Spearheaded by the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship and grounded in a Reformed perspective, this graduate certificate will nurture leadership skills with sensitivity to diversity in ethnicity, socioeconomic status, ability, thought, belief and more. The program will expose students to a tapestry of cultural values while fostering best practices in intercultural interaction.

Through completion of this five-course master’s level certificate program, students will cultivate a pastoral mindset, allowing the wide variety of those whom they serve to flourish.

Faculty Highlight


Kai Ton Chau is a Program Manager at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, leading curriculum development in cultural competency. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Calvin University and associate editor of the Reformed Worship journal. He holds a doctorate in worship from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies and master’s degrees in music (choral) and business (MBA). Kai Ton has a professional background in accounting, finance, and taxation. His research interest is in developing a pastoral mindset for worship leaders. Email:

  • Master’s level certificate program
  • Each course is eight weeks long
  • All courses are offered online
  • $660 per credit hour ($1320 per course)
  • The first course was offered fall 2022


  • Five, 2-credit courses, offered asynchronously online and can be taken in any order, other than the capstone which is taken concurrently or after CMS 504
  • CMS 501 Cultural Values and Life Together: Learn to interpret interactions with others through a lens of cultural intelligence and humility.
  • CMS 502 Cultural Values and Leadership: Apply leadership theories to respond to cultural diversity in a variety of settings.
  • CMS 503 Diversity among Shared Cultures: Examine various aspects of diversity and anti-racism, and develop an actionable plan applicable to your context.
  • CMS 504 Cultural Values and Changing Contexts: Gain insights into change management that is both sensitive and effective.
  • CMS 505 Cultural Values Capstone: Create a visionary project that integrates the knowledge and skills learned through previous coursework.
Course Schedule
CMS 501
CMS 502
CMS 503
CMS 504
CMS 505

Send your questions about the curriculum to or call (616) 526-6168.


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