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The Changing Dynamics of Life for Generations X, Y, and Z

Course overview

People of all ages have been impacted by COVID-19. Younger generations—Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z—are missing out on critical transitions in life.

Milestones like graduations, internships, new jobs, new homes, and the welcoming of a new baby are being met with unprecedented circumstances, challenges, and uncertainty.

How can we help, mentor, or come alongside younger people and their families when we’re remaining socially distanced? What are ways we can still stay connected and celebrate?

In this course, you’ll explore the unique and compounding dynamics of these younger generations. You’ll explore creative solutions and opportunities for ministry, mentoring, and more. And you’ll make a difference in the lives of the young people closest to you.

Course distinctives

Encourage each other - in a classroom setting, you can pool knowledge, discuss ideas, share stories, and work together towards creative solutions in a much more effective way than on your own.
Developing leadership - Professor Lynn Elliott has extensive experience with intergeneration, youth, and young adult ministry. She'll equip you to better lead young people in these times.
Celebrating together - At the end of the day, this course is about the young people in your lives whom you care deeply about. Let’s celebrate their lives together, as we learn how to support them better.


Lynn Barger Elliott's staff photo

Lynn Barger Elliott

Lynn Barger Elliott teaches ministry leadership courses in the Department of Congregational and Ministry Studies. An ordained minister with extensive experience with intergeneration ministry, youth and young adult ministry, she advises students in the ministry leadership minor and supervises internships.

Basic information

$400 for college credit (1 semester hour)
$200 to audit the course
June 1–June 19, 2020
Lynn Barger Elliott


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