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Cultivate a Christian imagination

Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling confused or paralyzed by information overload?
  • Understanding how the church and individual Christians should respond to the pandemic?
  • Finding a place to ask big questions and have thoughtful discussions?

A Christian Witness in a COVID-Shaped World

Three-week, relevant courses taught by some of the best Christian thinkers. These collaborative, online classes are for lifelong learners or university students.


Archaeology, History, Disasters, and Plagues

COVID-19 is not the first pandemic that humans have suffered—and survived. What can we learn from the ways that our predecessors responded to past crises?


Practicing Mindfulness in a Time of Pandemic

You can find spiritual and emotional peace—even in the chaotic and confusing times. Discover ways to deepen your connection with God and live each moment intentionally.


Ser iglesia en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas ministeriales

En este curso abordaremos los desafíos que enfrentan las congregaciones para desarrollar su ministerio en el contexto de la actual pandemia.


Praying the Psalms in Ministry

Find strength and encouragement during a difficult time through a deep exploration of the Psalms.


The Challenge of Technology and Christian Education

Feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of reaching your students in a socially-distanced world? Discover how you can use technology to help your students flourish emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


Communication Media for Ministry

Ministry now happens through devices and screens—but are you smart about technology? Be equipped to guide your church, ministry, or other organization using digital tools.


Creation's Sabbath

Can the COVID-19 pandemic be good for God’s creation? Consider this question as we evaluate the environmental impact of our lifestyle changes.


Perspectives on Faith and Citizenship

Christians are called by God to be effective citizens. Gain a better understanding of government and a toolkit to push the political system toward justice.


Religion, Behavior, and Public Health

Faith, human behavior, and public health—what’s the connection? Discover how Christians and churches can positively promote healthy communities.


Crisis Communication Practices

Many organizations have been in near-constant crisis mode during the pandemic. Learn the strategies and practices that reflect a faithful approach to crisis communication.


The Changing Shape of Incarceration and Restorative Justice

Incarcerated persons are being especially hard-hit by the pandemic. Discover how a vision for restorative justice can inform our response.


Play and Sport in a Time of Pandemic

People love to watch sports, reminisce about the past, and debate about the future. Let’s talk about play and sports and how Christian faith helps us ask good questions and make sense of it all.


Christian Responses to Pandemics in Historical Perspective

The church has experienced pandemics before. Understand the roots of our own challenges—and possible responses developed by past generations of believers.


The Changing Dynamics of Life for Generations X, Y, and Z

Younger generations are being hit hard by the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing practices. Learn how you can champion and encourage young people in the midst of a pandemic.


Faithful Anti-Racism in a Time of Pandemic

Expore the ways that racism and xenophobia affect our experience of COVID-19—and discover ways to work against racial disparities even in the midst of a pandemic.


Children, Family, Intergenerational Ministries

Explore the latest research and writing about children’s ministry--and learn how to move forward in our new pandemic-shaped reality.


Mental Health, Trauma, and Pastoral Care

COVID-19 is challenging all of us to grapple with trauma, both as individuals and as groups. Learn how to create resources to help your faith community cope and thrive.


Embodied Discipleship in a World That Has Gone Virtual

How can church leaders serve their communities effectively in digital, socially-distanced settings? Learn to live more locally while engaging with the new digital environment.


Organizational Decision Making and Leadership

Now more than ever, your community needs effective leadership and grace-filled communication. Explore how to manage unexpected change in your church or organization.


Engaging Congregations about Faith and Finance Amidst Economic Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has brought financial stress as well as medical danger. Discover a biblical approach to your own finances--and how to help your faith community do the same.


Ser comunidad en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas bíblicas

En este curso estudiaremos algunos pasajes bíblicos que son útiles en la respuesta cristiana a las interrogantes creadas por la pandemia del COVID-19.


Pensar la fe en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas teológicas

En este curso reflexionaremos acerca de temas teológicos que son de relevancia al pensar la fe cristiana en el contexto de la pandemia del COVID-19.


Missional Engagement with Local Communities

The pandemic has disrupted traditional outreach work--but it also holds opportunities for us to return to the heart of mission.

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  • Archaeology, History, Disasters, and Plagues
  • Practicing Mindfulness in a Time of Pandemic
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  • Ser iglesia en un mundo configurado por el COVID: Perspectivas ministeriales
  • Praying the Psalms in Ministry
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