Faculty Development Events sponsored by the Calvin Teaching and Learning Network

Ongoing Events

Learning Communities (2013-14)

Effective Pedagogy for Larger Classes

Given the complicating realities of (1) the need for large classes, and (2) research indicating that learning objectives are generally less effectively met in large than in small classes, this group will ask: What are more effective practices for learning-centered pedagogy in large classes? What research might help us to decide which courses can more easily meet student learning outcomes in large classes?  Led by Julie Walton.

Flipping the classroom

The “flipped” classroom is one of the hottest topics in higher ed. practices, and Calvin has had several professors who have practiced varieties of flipping. This group could talk about flipping in ways that best suit a particular course, about the experiences of our faculty, and about the quickly growing body of research of flipped classes. Led by Krista Spahr.

iPads in the Classroom

The technology is in our classrooms. The question this group would study is how to use iPads to improve pedagogy. Led by Rob Bobeldyk.

Research-Based Teaching and Learning

Using How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching as a framework, this group will focus on the available research on teaching and learning and on how that research can guide the pedagogical choices we make. Led by Herb Fynewever.

Cross-Disciplinary Teaching and Learning

Calvin has experimented with courses taught by cross-disciplinary teams as well as with linked courses, and varieties of interdisciplinary courses. What are the benefits and the challenges of such courses? And how will better answers to that question help with the design of future courses? These questions will likely lead us into discussions of interdisciplinary options for core courses. Led by Dean Ward.

Teaching International Students

This group will discuss best practices for teaching international students—in light of the specifics of Calvin’s international student population. Led by Leanne Dornbos.

Book Group

This group will read and discuss Shaping a Digital World: Faith, Culture, and Computer Technology. The title makes the content clear enough, but the group will devote particular attention to how lessons from the book can shape classroom practice. Led by Joel Adams.


New Faculty Orientation (NFO)

  • This annual event, held each August, is for faculty who are new to teaching at Calvin. NFO provides information on both teaching and scholarship at Calvin, but also on teaching and research within the Reformed tradition, in addition to discussing the institutional history and current affairs at Calvin College.