Do you have a passion for Spanish language and Hispanic culture? If you're majoring in Spanish education, consider our unique bilingual education minor.

Calvin's Christian approach to teacher education will challenge you to become an inspiring, engaging and compassionate teachers. Classes in Spanish phonology, sociolinguistics and grammar provide a strong foundation for this program. Additionally, a teaching practicum will provide you with real-world experience in your field.

Student involvement

Eat at the Spanish table during meals; live in the Spanish House on campus; participate in conversation groups; attend local festivals and events; help with Rangeela.

Course Requirements 2016-2017

(20-21 semester hours)

  • IDIS-205 Societal Structures and Education as a Social Enterprise
  • ENGL-372 Sociolinguistics and Issues in Language Education
  • ENGL-375 Grammar for Teachers of ESL
  • IDIS-301 Introduction to Bilingual and ESL Education
  • (concurrent with EDUC-302 and EDUC-303)
  • SPAN-310 Hispanic Culture in the United States
  • SPAN-340 Spanish Phonology and Dialectology*
  • One from:

Students earning the bilingual Spanish endorsement must major in Spanish and minor in Bilingual Spanish (this requirement does not apply to certified teachers adding the bilingual Spanish endorsement).

All candidates must pass the Spanish Department Proficiency Tests.

If you are interested in a bilingual endorsement program, you must request a bilingual teacher aiding experience in Education 303. SPAN 310 and 340 may count towards both the bilingual minor and Spanish major.

In Michigan, teachers certified in bilingual Spanish are also qualified to teach English as a second language classes at the level of their certification.

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