What are the benefits of the Spanish Immersion program?

Calvin University's Spanish Immersion program meets the unique needs of students who seek advanced, college-level Spanish instruction as the next step in the Spanish Immersion programs at their high schools. Calvin partners with multiple schools in providing this service to students and their families.

The highlights:

A tailored curriculum for Spanish Immersion high-school students.

  • All courses suitable for advanced Spanish Immersion students in their junior and senior year of high school.
  • An introductory course (SPAN 300) specially designed and delivered for Spanish Immersion students.
  • Three additional courses, either in person or online, synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the location of the school and nature of course content. Students take one course per semester in their junior and senior years.
  • Up to 15 college credits and a full minor for students who complete their bachelor's studies at Calvin.

An exciting opportunity for rich language immersion by studying abroad:Calvin faculty provide summer off-campus opportunities specifically for Spanish Immersion students. Students take courses in such places as Mexico, Spain, and Peru. Note that these courses incur an additional fee and run only when there is sufficient demand.

A deep discount on tuition and fees: Calvin charges students and their families at a two-thirds discount on Calvin's published rates for dual-enrollment students.That corresponds to approximately $150-$165 per credit hour, comparable to standard rates at community colleges. Note that the rate does not include textbooks or computer hardware but does include the required learning management software. Calvin bills high schools directly for tuition and fees.

A hospitable schedule: Calvin works with school staff to find suitable times for course offerings.

Who qualifies for the Spanish immersion program?

Students must meet all eligibility requirements, available from your school. Please note that this program is intended for dual-enrollment students - that is, students simultaneously enrolled at their high shcool and Calvin University - and not for students directly admitted into Calvin University. The program counts toward total course load at a student's high school.

What courses are available to Spanish immersion students?

The following courses are available to Spanish immersion students. Note that class availability can vary from year to year, and some classes require a certain score on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam. Please check with the Spanish department as you consider which courses to take.

Spanish course Notes
SPAN 300—Introduction to College-Level Spanish Studies Specifically designed to help Spanish immersion students make a successful transition to Calvin.
SPAN 301—Advanced Grammar, Composition, and Conversation I Available if student earns an AP 3
SPAN 302—Advanced Grammar, Composition, and Conversation II Available if student earns an AP 4
SPAN 308—Introduction to the Spanish World I Counts toward Calvin GHS core
SPAN 309—Introduction to the Spanish World II Counts toward Calvin literature core
SPAN 310—Hispanic Culture in the United States
SPAN 340—Spanish Phonology and Dialectology
SPAN 341—Spanish Syntax and Sociolinguistics