Deepen your knowledge of sociology and gain valuable work experience by getting involved in research at Calvin.

There are typically three ways to get involved in research related to the field of sociology: directly through professors, through the McGregor Summer Research» program and through the Center for Social Research».

Assisting professors with their research

Each professor in the sociology department is an active researcher in their field and at times needs additional help with research projects. Speak with your advisor or other professors you are acquainted with in the sociology department to inquire about specific research opportunities.

Become a McGregor Summer Research Fellow

You may apply to assist a professor with research through the McGregor Summer Research» program. The summer program entails assisting a professor with their research for nine weeks during the summer. The program awards Fellows a $3,300 stipend for their work.

Check the program's website in January of each year to learn more about faculty projects for the coming summer. Then, apply by the deadline (usually mid-February) to become a Fellow. You need not apply only for research projects with sociology professors—if you are selected to be a Fellow, you may be paired with a professor from a different department.

Work for the Center for Social Research

Consider applying for a position at Calvin's Center for Social Research» if you would like to gain valuable experience collecting and tabulating sociological data.

Learn more about their student employment opportunities» or read about their current student assistants».