Here's what recent graduates of the sociology department Calvin are doing with their degrees.

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Many of these graduates enhanced their education by participating in research projects, internships and off-campus Programs.

Adam Pietrocarlo ‘05

Adam is currently finishing a masters of education in athletic administration at Goucher College in Maryland. He plans to find a job as an athletic director in the Baltimore area.

Adam says: "The great thing about sociology is that it opens you up to a variety of careers. It helped me to narrow down what I actually wanted to do, and it actually encouraged me to go to graduate school. I know I don't have to tell you this but studying sociology is basically studying people, and studying them in social groups. That opens up a ton of careers."

Marlene VanderSpek '08

Marlene graduated with majors in sociology (honors), French and international relations. While at Calvin, she spent three months studying the effects of urbanization on the Fulani tribe in Mali, West Africa as research for her honors thesis. She is now studying law at McGill University Law School in Montreal and is focusing her studies on international law and women's rights.

Elicia Arai '05

Elicia went to Azusa Pacific University after graduating with a degree in sociology from Calvin, where she earned an MEd in student affairs. She currently works as the Living-Learning program coordinator for the residence life department at Calvin College.

Elicia says: "Do I use my degree? Everyday, I'm having conversations about community life, racism, issues of injustice, and I see my degree as a vital part in those conversations and in my work as a student affairs professional."

Kristin Michael '07

Kristin graduated with a double major in sociology (honors) and studio art. While at Calvin, she completed an internship with the manager of Plainfield Township, Michigan, designing and implementing a township-wide telephone survey measuring correlations between housing type and car usage, interaction with neighbors, and perception of neighborhood attractiveness. She is now enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia pursuing a degree in urban planning.

Maree Ness ‘07

Maree entered a two-year AmeriCorps program after graduating from Calvin. During her first year in the program, she worked with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in Baltimore, working as a residential aide for people with HIV/AIDs and other disabilities. She now lives in Seattle, completing her second year in AmeriCorps/VISTA working with the city's Human Services in the Homeless Intervention and Block Grant Administration division, Surival Services unit.

Maree says: "My VISTA position focuses on homelessness and anti-racism. There is a Race and Social Justice Change Team, incorporated into every city's department due to the mayor's initiative, which I am going to be a part of this year with the Human Services department. I'm going to be assisting in focus groups and research this year, helping put together an annual report, and doing a lot of learning (really)."

Emily Martin '06

After graduating from Calvin with majors in sociology (honors) and history, and minors in international development and German, Emily participated in the Teach for American program. She now works as the development associate (fundraising) at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.