Studying how people interact, and the reasons why they act the way they do, can add insightful and practical knowledge to any major.

Course Requirements 2016-17

Course Requirements 2016-2017

    Sociology Major, BA

    (34 semester hours)

    • SOC-151 Social Science Statistics
    • SOC-255 Social Science Statistics
    • SOC-318 Sociological Theory
    • SOC-320 Social research
    • SOC-395 Sociology Intergrative Seminar
    • 6 from:
      • SOC-153 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      • SOC-210 The Criminal Justice System
      • SOC-250 Diversity and Inequality in the United States
      • SOC-252 African Diaspora in the Americas
      • SOC-253 Intercultural Communication
      • SOC-302 Urban Sociology
      • SOC-303 Anthropology of Religion
      • SOC-304 The Family
      • SOC-308 Sociology of Deviance
      • SOC-308 Demography and World Population Problems
      • SOC-311 Religion and Society
      • SOC-314 Contemporary Social Problems
      • SOC-315 Sociology of Sport
      • SOC-316 Social Gerontology
      • SOC-317 Death, Dying, and Bereavement
      • SOC-319 Special Problems and Current Issues in Criminal Justice
      • SOC-380 Internship in Sociology
      • SOC-390 Independent Study

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