In Calvin's sociology program, you'll explore people and the groups they form. You'll examine groups of people at work, at play, in mourning and more—because you'll learn to appreciate and understand many facets of human experience. But why study sociology?

A simple question—a complex answer

At Calvin, you'll study sociology as just one aspect of your God-given vocation. We believe that God created all things good—including humans and the relationships we form. Yet through human beings, sin entered the world. We experience tension and disorder in our social relationships.

But that isn't the end of the story.

God doesn't allow this social disorder to prevail. His son, Jesus Christ, sacrificed himself to redeem human disobedience, thus offering the hope of ongoing renewal in creation.

Discovering ways to heal and renew social relationships

So here you are. You live in a fallen world. You see suffering and injustice in society, in intergroup relationships and in yourself. At Calvin, you'll study sociology to better understand human relationships and the way in which sin affects them.

And you won't stop there.

As you learn, you'll get involved in creative solutions that answer the pressing needs of our society. Through classes, off-campus study programs, internships and events like the Faith and International Development Conference», you'll discover ways in which God is calling us to be agents of renewal—working for social change here in the United States and in all the world.