Calvin University offers a master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Science Education. Full information can be found on the Graduate Studies in Education page.

Courses in the science education concentration include:

  • SCES 525 Alternative Frameworks and Conceptual Change in the Science Classroom, (3)
  • SCES 526 Teaching the Nature of Science (3)
  • SCES 527 Scientific Reasoning and Teaching Inquiry (3)

The courses above are taken in addition to the general coursework for the master's program in Curriculum and Instruction and are offered during the summer on Calvin's campus. Master's projects include opportunities to conduct action research in your own classroom, curricular innovation, and/or collaborative work with science education faculty engaged in existing research projects.

Students interested in taking graduate courses in science education without enrolling in the graduate program at Calvin are welcome to do so by enrolling as a "guest" student. Details regarding these and other options along with a full description of the master's program can be found on the Graduate Studies in Education page.