Course Requirements 2015-2016

(61 semester hours)

  • One from:
  • One from:
    • BIOL-161 Cellular and Genetic Systems
    • BIOL-141 Cell Biology and Genetics for the Health Sciences
  • BIOL-115 Human Biology (unless minoring in biology)
  • BIOL-160 Ecological and Evolutionary Systems
  • CHEM-103 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM-104 General Chemistry II
  • Note: CHEM-105 Chemical Principles may be taken in place of CHEM-103 and 104
  • CHEM-253 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
  • GEOL-152 Historical Geology
  • One from:
  • One from:
    • PHYS-132 Matter, Light, and Energy
    • PHYS-212 Inquiry-Based Physics
    • (physics minors must take PHYS-132
  • PHYS-221 General Physics (physics minors substitute PHYS 133)
  • PHYS-222 General Physics (physics minors substitute PHYS 235)
  • SCES-214 Communication and Learning in the Natural Sciences
  • SCES-314 Integration Methods and Pedagogies for Secondary Science Teachers (alternate years)
  • SCES-359 Seminar in Secondary Teaching of Integrated Science
  • Two from:
    (Two semesters of enrollment in same course is allowed)
  • One from:
    • MATH-132 Calculus for Management, Life, and Social Sciences
    • MATH-171 Calculus I


Crystal Bruxvoort

Crystal Bruxvoort

Associate Professor
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This is the preferred program for secondary education students wishing to obtain Michigan teacher certification in all of the sciences. Students pursuing this major also complete a minor in one of the four science disciplines (biology, chemistry, earth/space, or physics). Courses in the disciplinary minor may overlap with the courses required for the group major. If you may pursue teacher certification in another state, contact the Teacher Certification Coordinator in the Education Department to see if integrated science is recommended for that state.

Students may choose to complete this program as a “Comprehensive Major” without a minor in one of the science disciplines, but this is not recommended.


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