In Calvin's religion department we study the Bible, theology and the religions of the world. Of course, religion departments at plenty of colleges and universities study these subjects.

So what makes religion at Calvin distinctive? Consider the words of Charlotte Sandy, a senior religion major who transferred to Calvin from a state college in Michican:

In Their Own Words
Coming from a secular religion department, Calvin was a breath of fresh air. I have been challenged and inspired by the breadth of material presented, all within a distinctively Christian lens.” Charlotte Sandy, Alumnus


Why study religion?

The religion classroom at Calvin offers a place to learn, to discuss and to reflect as you seek to better understand God, humanity, and the world. We strive to take seriously your tough questions about the composition of the Bible, the problem of evil, the historical Jesus, the nature of the Trinity and religious plurality, helping you to develop a theological worldview sophisticated enough to help you navigate through this complex world.

Religion faculty have the resources to help you explore, both academically and spiritually, these questions in order to help you better understand how your faith is related to every area of life.

Religion and the liberal arts

Religion courses, taught in the tradition of the liberal arts, allow you to develop a number of skills that will make you a fruitful and versatile professional when you enter the workforce.

  • Perceptive reading
  • Critical thinking
  • Expressive writing
  • As you discuss issues of faith in your other courses—in biology, English, sociology, engineering and even mathematics—you will find yourself well-prepared to contribute theological insights to the discussion.

In all of life, your study of religion at Calvin will help you engage the modern and post-modern world in a thoughtful manner. You will be equipped to be contributing member of society and a strong leader in the church.